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Preston L. Tran

Project Manager

Since the inception of the project in January of 2018, Preston has proposed and overseen  the development of the robotic semi-autonomous plant growing system that is Box Farm every step of the way. His academic excellence, robotics expertise and  mentorship experience at Hawai'i Engaged STEM Pathways granted the unique opportunity to intern at NASA Ames. Through meeting experts, such as  Dr. Pablo de Leon, a NASA Principal Investigator and Chair of Argentina's Congress of Space Technologies, Preston realized the deficiencies facing Martian missions from a life support standpoint, and was able to recognize the opportunity for technological innovation. On top of system level  management, Preston takes point on the design, fabrication and kinematic analysis of the robot arm. 

James Thesken

Systems Integrator, Controls Lead

By overseeing the smooth integration of robotics, living system feedback loops and image processing technologies, James is able to amalgamate his coding skills spanning a multitude of programs with his mechanical engineering abilities. With a strong background in drone-based image processing and autonomy, James worked at the Kauai Coffee Company developing a suite of harvest already software and autonomous agricultural drone technologies. Taking this experience into Senior Design, Box Farm was the perfect opportunity to tap into the wealth of his experience. James writes the code that enables the semi-autonomous nature of the system, incorporating robotics, nutrient control, lighting activation and the development of the software package that also includes the user interfaced access through a smartphone app. 

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Gabor Paczolay

Statics Lead, Business and Marketing Manager

A creative mechanical engineer with a flair for design, Gabi oversees the development of the statics subsystem while creating the image of Box Farm. Having studied automotive design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin Italy, Gabi applies design  and user-centric principles into the design language of Box Farm. Utilizing this artistic skill set paired with his technical understanding, Gabi designed the logo, website, ensures the system's aesthetic appeal,  and assists the Project Manager with the handling of collaborators and sponsors of the project. Through their combined efforts and technological innovations made in hydroponics the partnership between UH ME and CTAHR was revived, as well as established a collaboration between UND.

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Sean Agpaoa

Robotics Lead

A military veteran, Sean brings precision, organization and a strong technical background to Box Farm. While the robot arm alone could be a whole project in its self, the added difficulty of having it traverse five feet horizontally and six feet vertically by a gantry system, the robotic subsystem's complexity is further increased by having to design the end effector such that it is able to execute a multitude of tasks. Facing the complexity and design challenges imposed by a travelling robot arm, Sean navigates the inter-dependencies of each component effortlessly, and coordinates closely with his team to rapidly innovate as design changes occur through testing.

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Hi I'm Aneka! I'm a senior pursuing a BS in biology and hoping to attend medical school in the future. I'm very excited to be a part of Box Farm

Hi my name is Keith, and I am currently a Box Farm Static System Engineer. I am excited to be a part of a project that deals with Extraterrestrial exploration as well as localized high volume, low input farming using technology as an aid.

While Tucker isn't even on the project, we like him so much that we decided to include him on the website. Some competent engineering firm better hire this guy, we can vouch for him. 

Joe Patterson

Hi I'm Joe and I'm super excited to be a part of Box Farm! I'm proud to be one of the many great minds behind Box Farm, and can't wait to see what opportunities come our way. 

Aneka Patterson

Keith Shipley

Tucker deCamp

Erin Hashimoto

Hi I’m Erin, I’m a mechanical engineering student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I like to hang with friends and read books.

Devin Kaaikaula

Devin is an aspiring mechanical engineering student who works for Box Farm as a statics system engineer. He is set to graduate in spring of 2019.

Mark Miyazaki

Mark is the lead Finite Element Analyst of Box Farm. Having retired from the military with active combat experience, Mark went back to school to pursue mechanical engineering to further enhance his technical knowledge

Russell J Tolentino

Russell is a mechanical engineering undergraduate with an outstanding academic record. He enjoys the technical complexity that the robotics subsystem faces, and tackles every problem the team faces quickly and efficiently. 

Katy Ardren

Katylynn is interested in circuits and programming. The complexity and potential of this project interests her and she's excited for the outcome of Box Farm. 

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